Teach for Us

New classes – We are always looking for new classes to offer to the community, so if you have an idea for a new course please let us know! The first step is to complete the new course proposal form and send to Lisa Hiscano (View Lisa Hiscano Contact Info).

Course syllabus – If you are a current instructor please complete the syllabus form and provide the required information requested in the documents.

Course Attendance Sheet – If you are a current instructor, please complete the attendance sheet and enter the course and student information in preparation for each course you will teach. Please bring the form with you to each class and submit to the Continuing Education office with your roster and completed evaluation forms.

Every course every semester is evaluated by the students enrolled in that course. Evaluations are administered at the end of each class by the Continuing Education staff. Students receive a link to the course evaluation form.

Prospective instructors –  If you are interested in teaching a course through the Continuing Education department, please check out the open job listings.

If you are interested in teaching a program for youth (ages 11- 17) please see the open job listings.